We offer a wide range of medical consumables products, so you can find everything you need to stock up your medical facility or care home. Our range of medical equipment includes everything from diagnostics consumables and injection equipment to bandages, dressings and gynaecology kits. Take a look at our diagnostics consumables range to find everything from urinalysis tests and blood tests. You can also stock up on everyday essentials.

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Caretex Waxed Paper Medicine Pot - 28ml - 1 x 250

Caretex waxed paper medicine pot is made from disposable paper with added waxing for light waterproo..

Unisurge Medicine Pot - 30ml - 1 x 80

Medicine Measure Cups, Graduated to 30ml capacity.Made of Polypropylene. Transparent and Latex Free...

Medicine Measures - Hard Plastic - 60ml - 1 x 100

Ideal for the distribution of medicinesA polypropylene disposable medicine measure for use in all ar..

Sharpsguard Pharmi - BLUE - Safe Collection

The 'Safe Management of Healthcare Waste' guidance published by the Department of Health (2006) prov..

Multistix 8SG 1x100

Siemens Multistix 8SG (2304) reagent strips for Urinalysis are an In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device..

Sterilin Amies Transport Swab with Charcoal - 1 x 50

Sterilin transport swab is a primary sample collection and transport device for bacteria for in vitr..

Premier Glycerine Swab Sticks - LEMON - 1 x 25

The Lemon & Glycerine swab sticks are a highly effective oral hygiene swab applicators that have..

Universal Oxygen Nasal Cannulae - 2.1m - Each

Oxygen Nasal Cannula are used for their simplicity and patient convenience, they can prevent re..

Medium Concentrate Adult Oxygen Masks - Each

Inter-surgical Ecolite adult medium concentration oxygen mask for use in oxygen and aerosol therapy ..

Airforce One Nebuliser

The AirForce One compressor nebuliser is a cost effective and reliable device for aerosol therapy. I..

Sidestream Nebuliser Kit With Adult Mask - Each

The side-stream nebuliser provides a high efficiency drug deliver as the Side-stream's active ventur..

Omron Ear Thermometer Disposable Probe Covers - 1 x 20

Omron Gentle Temp 510 Ear Thermometer Probe Covers are replacement probe covers that are made to fit..

Radiant TH809 Tympanic Thermometer Disposable Probe Covers

To ensure accuracy and good hygiene practice these disposable probe covers are designed to be used w..

Radiant Ear Thermometer - TH809

The Radiant TH809 Tympanic thermometer is a compact and ergonomic designed thermometer with innovati..

C12 Finger Pulse Oximeter - Each

With trusted and proven technology and performance in SpO2 monitoring, the C12 Fingertip pulse oxime..