Patient Alarms / Evacuation

Patient Alarms / Evacuation

Patient Alarms / Evacuation

You can depend on us for innovative and easy to use solutions, designed to improve quality, safety, productivity and patient experience in your facility. We are confident we have the solution for you, from newborns to the elderly, from asset management to staff protection, and so much more. We’re a leader in every one of these key safety applications, with a wealth of experience to our credit, and a proven line of brand names you can trust.

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Connect Monitor

If you are looking for an All-in-one Falls Monitor for use on a bed, chair or toilet, look no furthe..

Fall Savers® Chair Sensor Pad

Product FeaturesFor patients with limited mobility or dementia, a significant risk of injury may exi..

Fall Savers® Foldable Bed Sensor Pad

Product FeaturesAnti-bacterial foldable bed sensor pad, for use above the mattress. SafePresenc..

TreadNought® Floor sensor pad

Product FeaturesThe TreadNought® Floor Sensor Pad is built to last with a durable construction that ..

Passive Infrared Monitor (PIR)

The Fall Savers® Passive Infrared Monitor uses infrared detection technology to help carers reduce t..

Adaptor Stereo to Mono

Adaptor to connect Stereo Lead to Mono on Treadnought Floor Sensor Pad..

Evacuation Sledge for Active Mattress - Each

The Evacuation Sledge for Active Mattresses has been developed to assist patients when in an emergen..

Ferno Compact 1 Carry Chair

The durable and robust stainless steel carrying chair is invaluable when transferring patients throu..