Infection Control

Infection Control

Infection Control

Infection prevention and control (IPC) is a scientific approach and practical solution designed to prevent harm caused by infection to patients and health workers. It is grounded in infectious diseases, epidemiology, social science and health system strengthening. IPC occupies a unique position in the field of patient safety and quality universal health coverage since it is relevant to health workers and patients at every single health-care encounter.

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Bed Bath Wipes 33 x 22cm - 1 x 24

Recent studies have been published highlighting the link between traditional soap and water based be..

Buttermilk Tablet Hand Soap - SMALL - 1 x 144 Bars

Buttermilk hand soap is based on a traditional formula that is kind and gentle to the skin. Two size..

C11 Food Safe Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser (6 x 750ml)

Super Food Safe Anti-bacterial Sanitiser’s powerful formula kills 99.99% of germs, passing BS EN 12..

ES1 Eco Select™ Concentrated Sanitiser

Eco Select™ Concentrated Sanitiser provides control to routine hygiene operations. The specially de..

Medisanitize Anti Bacterial Hand Gel - 70% Alcohol - 5ltr - Each

Commonly touched surfaces like door handles, shopping carts, phones, faucets, remote controls, and m..

Medisanitize Anti Bacterial Hand Gel - 70% Alcohol - 500ml - 1 x 12

Commonly touched surfaces like door handles, shopping carts, phones, faucets, remote controls, and m..

Milton Sterilising Fluid - 5ltr - Each

PRODUCT DETAILSFor the safe cleaning and sterilising a wide range of tools, the Milton steriliser ha..

Tiger Sack - Medium Duty - 18" x 29" x 34" - YELLOW - Boxed - 1 x 200

Suitable for 'hygiene waste', our Yellow Tiger Sack is an economical and practical solution for your..

V1 Antiviral Disinfectant - 6 x 750ml

Super Antiviral Disinfectant’s powerful formulation kills a range of pathogenic viruses in under 5 m..

V2 Hycolin Professional Antiviral Multipurpose Cleaner (5L)

The newly developed Hycolin Professional Antiviral Cleaning range responds perfectly to today’s clea..

Yellow 92L Frame Sack Holders

A high quality open frame holder for refuse sacks, available with colour coded lids for easy waste s..

Blue Nitrile Powder Free 10x1000

If you’re worried about allergies from using latex gloves, our SafeTouch nitrile gloves make the per..

Clear Vinyl Gloves Powder Free 1x100

Formed from a synthetically derived polymer material, the Vinyl Glove offers enhanced protection. Co..

Biohazard Kit

For safe and effective handling, containment, disinfection and disposal of infectious microorganisms..

D8 Bactericidal Detergent (5L)

Super Bactericidal Detergent is an economical detergent with the added benefit of disinfection. Pro..