Floor Care

Floor Care

Floor Care

The Super Floor care range delivers a comprehensive programme of cleaning and maintenance to ensure perfectly clean and prepared floors. Floors frequently require more cleaning than most other areas and our simple to follow ‘Stages’ – Preparation and Cleaning – make the task even easier.

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Dry Foam Carpet Shampoo

Dry Foam Shampoo is an effective fragranced foaming shampoo that is suitable for most types of carpe..

Extra High Solids Floor Polish

An extra high 24% solids, dry-bright metallised emulsion polish that is particularly suitable for us..

F3 Floor Gel (5L)

Super Floor Gel is proven for most hard surfaces. It removes heavy deposits of oil, grease and grim..

Floor Maintainer

A perfumed neutral product to clean and protect emulsion polished floors, including sealed wood and ..

Floor Polish Stripper

Effectively strips emulsion polishes from most floor surfaces, including sealed wood or cork.Dilute ..

Marble & Terrazzo Renovator

For use on marble, terrazzo and concrete floors prior to the surface being sealed or polished.Wear p..

Rinse Free Floor Stripper

Strips emulsion floor polishes without the aid of a scrubbing machine, and can be used in areas wher..

Universal Ouncematic Dispensing Pump - Each

Dosage pumpFor the delivery of a wide variety of viscous products such as hand soaps, detergents, co..

Wet Look Floor Maintainer

Cleans and protects emulsion polished floors, including sealed wood and sealed cork. Ideal for use w..

Wet Look Floor Polish

A high solids, dry-bright metallised emulsion polish designed to provide a high gloss, durable finis..

Lemon Floor Gel 5ltr

Designed for use on all types of floors particularly wood and linoleum where the naturals oils help ..

ES4 Eco Select™ Concentrated Hard Surface & Floor Cleaner

Eco Select™ Concentrated Hard Surface & Floor Cleaner provides control to routine hygiene opera..

F5 Safety Floor Cleaner (5L)

Super Safety Floor Cleaner cuts through grease and dirt with ease leaving surfaces clean and safe. ..

H7 Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover (6 x 750ml)

Super Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover provides a quick, safe solution for most common stains...